Non Repeatable Read-SQL Server-Concurrency problem

Non Repeatable Read is also one of the concurrency problem in SQL Server. And it also causes confusion when two or more user working/reading on the same data.

Let see the situation, how problem occurs?
When one transaction reads the same data twice and another transaction updates that data in …

SQL Server-Common Concurrency Problem

Problem Everywhere.. Solution Everywhere..

If two or more transaction is accessing the same resource at same time. There is a problem of concurrency. Lets discuss what are the common problem arises in SQL Server.
1) Dirty Read
2) Lost Update
3) Non-repeatable Reads
4) Phantom Reads

Common Concurrency Problem | Lost update |
Common Concurrency Problem |

NoLock VS ReadUncommitted Hints

NoLock and ReadUncommitted both are same. Both of it will leads to bad data being returned …!!!

Mostly, we are able to see ‘WITH (NOLOCK)’ next to table name,only to avoid the deadlock in SQL and result the query fast.
Suppose, if we have 20 tables in the query, each …