SQL In-built Functions Part-3

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  • What is SQL NCHAR Function?

NCHAR function returns the Unicode character based on the number_code in the Unicode standard.

Syntax: NCHAR(Number code)


NCHAR | SQL Function - Academy4Code
NCHAR | SQL Function – Academy4Code

The above query returns the Z character which code is 90 in ASCII.

  • What is SQL PATINDEX Function?

The PATINDEX functions

SQL In-built Functions Part-2

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  • What is SQL Left() Function?

LEFT function allows you to extract a substring from a string, starting from the left-most character.

In simple word left function will be return the string started from left side an Syntax or a string,

Syntax: LEFT (String, Number of characters)


Left SQL Function- Academy4Code
Left SQL Function-

SQL In-built Functions Part-1

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  • What is Sql String Functions?

SQL Function is a database object in Sql Server. Function accept only input parameters and return the result. Function can return only single value or a table.