NoLock VS ReadUncommitted Hints

NoLock and ReadUncommitted both are same. Both of it will leads to bad data being returned …!!!

Mostly, we are able to see ‘WITH (NOLOCK)’ next to table name,only to avoid the deadlock in SQL and result the query fast.
Suppose, if we have 20 tables in the query, each …

SQL In-built Functions Part-3

SQL Functions |
  • What is SQL NCHAR Function?

NCHAR function returns the Unicode character based on the number_code in the Unicode standard.

Syntax: NCHAR(Number code)


NCHAR | SQL Function - Academy4Code
NCHAR | SQL Function – Academy4Code

The above query returns the Z character which code is 90 in ASCII.

  • What is SQL PATINDEX Function?

The PATINDEX functions

SQL In-built Functions Part-2

SQL Functions |
  • What is SQL Left() Function?

LEFT function allows you to extract a substring from a string, starting from the left-most character.

In simple word left function will be return the string started from left side an Syntax or a string,

Syntax: LEFT (String, Number of characters)


Left SQL Function- Academy4Code
Left SQL Function-